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The process of starting your Amazon company from scratch requires lots of time working hard, trial, and the chance to make mistakes. If you make an error, you could lose your business. This is why purchasing an existing seller account through an Amazon specialist vendor is becoming more popular among entrepreneurs. If you’re interested in entering Amazon’s Amazon business, then please take the time to read our article carefully. We’ll go over all the actions and aspects you should be aware of to purchase Amazon seller accounts in a proper manner. So, without delay, let’s start!

Features of Amazon Seller Account

  1. Only accounts that are based on real information.
  2. Used 100% unique IP address
  3. We can help you set up an account in your personal name and address.
  4. Funds from your account can be transferred into your local bank via the use of a USA banking account (The price is $99 and supports every country).
  5. Your personal Amazon account is able to sign up.
  6. Documents that have been verified. (photo ID and Address document).
  7. The phone number is verified and verified.

Delivery Materials

  1. Amazon email address
  2. Password to access your account
  3. Credit cards are used as the method of charging
  4. USA Bank account (for an additional $50)
  5. Timing of Delivery: 24-hour Hours


Amazon Seller Accounts

  • Individual Account-This account does not require a monthly payment, however, you will have to pay $0.99 for listings. It is not possible to manage shipping costs and can only utilize the existing listings to make deals. Also, you won’t be able to access the gated categories to market your products.
  • Professional Account-You must be paying $39.99/month for this type of account. If you have this account, you’ll enjoy a few advantages, including the ability to create a listing of products to market exclusive products as well as setting your shipping price and selling under the gated category.

Buy Amazon Seller Accounts

Things to Do After Buy Amazon Seller Accounts

If you are buying an Amazon seller account the seller requires an approval letter from the support of the seller. Once you have purchased the account you have to complete the transfer of ownership procedure. To do this you must update the information on the account.

  • Charge Method- You must update the method of charging with your credit card details so that Amazon will be able to charge fees for sellers.
  • Deposit Method: You need to update the bank account to include your account details to ensure that the sales are generated to the account you have created.
  • Tax Details: For completion of the ownership transfer process, you have to provide your tax details like SSN as well as EIN.
  • account name and email address: Last but not least you need to change your account to include your email address and name. Amazon will record the information in their database and email you via email with a new address.

 Factors to Consider Before Buying Amazon Seller Account

Buy Amazon Seller Accounts

  • Learn about suppliers since they play the biggest aspect in the success of your company. Contact the manufacturer for an idea of their business.
  • Find out more about the terms and agreements, manufacturer specifications,s and the time required for manufacturing and shipping the goods.
  • Examine the information regarding the age, health, and condition of the account. It is helpful that you purchased the account using the correct measurements for your account.
  • Review the product reviews and comments to get a sense of their customer service situation.
  • Have a clear understanding of the costs associated with each aspect of your company, including software, storage inventory, off-and-on advertisements and payroll, promotional payments,s and more.
  • Before purchasing an account, it is important to research your competitors by analyzing their rankings reviews, and average sales. Also, you should look into fulfillment methods, etc.

How to Open an Amazon Seller Account?

  • Choose the type of product you’d like to offer
  • Click on the Sell-by button to go to the Amazon website.
  • Select either a single or a professional plan.
  • Create an Amazon seller account by supplying your email address
  • Check your accounts by filling in the required information and completing the registration.

Buy Amazon Seller Accounts


A good Amazon seller account is vital to being successful in the online business world of online. However, finding the perfect one can be a challenge, particularly for those with little knowledge of online commerce. We hope that our guide will assist you in making the right choice to locate and purchase Amazon seller accounts that are ideal for your business

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